Is it Possible to Lose a Little Weight Without Diet or Exercise?

The biggest obstacle for anyone looking to lose weight is typically a lack of time. They just do not have the time. Because patients do not have the time, they do not necessarily have the motivation. It is a challenging juggling act to make open time for exercise and to plan out a great nutritional schedule.

Both of these things should be worked towards, as the staff at Lahey Hospital can connect patients with the proper resources to become healthier. But, there are small things which can be done right this moment to push towards a healthier state.

Start with a Starter Meal

There is a reason why light calorie meals introduce the bigger meal. A patient can find a nice introductory meal in the form of a salad or small appetizer. By the time they get to the main meal, they are just a little more stuffed. Thankfully, this will cut down on just inhaling the whole meal because the patient has already eaten a starting meal. Adding a light calorie starter meal is not adding more food. It is making sure a patient eats less of their likely high-calorie main meal.

Drop Soda

This should be nothing new, but it is a nice reminder. Soda is bad on basically all levels, and it does absolutely nothing for health or the waist line. Get rid of soda. To ease into this change (for some real soda aficionados) replace it with a low-calorie juice or even coffee. Soda is about as bad as it gets, and getting rid of it will allow anyone to lose just a bit of weight while making zero further changes to their diet.

Truthfully, eating slower and eating more salad will not do a whole lot for the waist line. It will not be a massive reinvention. But, it can help propel a patient down the right path without requiring a lot of time. These steps can act as an arbiter for much greater things. Patients looking to curb weight loss a bit, while working towards bigger changes down the line, can get more details for Lahey Hospital on Twitter.