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About Pharmaceutical Prices Over the years the pharmaceutical prices have increased and the world is experiencing the effects. Many are unable to make enough money to get pharmaceutical supplies. Medical experts, the insurance companies and a couple of other organizations have been confirmed to be the creators of this problems. Pharmaceutical companies are increasing prices in order to gain more revenue as greed has prevailed. The healthcare issue is a topic that the authors have dissected in order to inform the people. An example is Dr. Fred Hollingsworth who has written more facts about the pharmaceutical companies. He has sighted a couple of reasons as to why the healthcare industry seems to be the biggest scam yet. A number of unnecessary tests, prescribed medications that are not important and the performance of costly surgical procedures are the tactics used by doctors to hike prices. Hollingsworth writes with truth without withholding any fact of how the same pharmaceutical companies declared war to any other upcoming alternatives for pharmaceutical supplies. Less costly, safer and better healthcare are the goals of the alternatives. Alternative health movement, orthomolecular medicine and complementary medicine among others are the upcoming industries that want to replace the greedy pharmaceutical companies.
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The pharmaceutical industries are trying to trick people by them making myths about early aging and ill health. As a matter of fact these pharmaceutical companies prevail due to lack of fair competition enabling them dominate the industry. When the pharmaceutical companies take over they dictate terms and due to lack of freedom of choice the patients suffer.
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According, to Hollingsworth everyone should demand for medical freedom. There is a need to fight for this without hesitation. Due to lack of medical freedom a couple of issues have arisen. The expensive healthcare, unaffordable drugs, high cost to see physicians and escalated hospital bills are the examples of the outcomes we have to deal with. Healthcare reforms that came up have failed because of lack of involving patients who are the ones suffering the consequences. Hollingsworth is urgently calling for everyone to challenge the system, the lawmakers to do things rightfully and diligently. Healthcare is crucial in our daily lives. It is certain enough that many people cannot get a healthcare plan and this is because it has become very expensive. Only when you get a medical emergency is when you will see the consequences of not having a plan. The healthcare system therefore needs to be reformed with zeal and brevity. A lot of people cannot access medical care and this is not humane.