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Your Ultimate Guide for Elderly Effective Oral Hygiene Oral hygiene is overlooked by many people, but we cannot discount the fact that it is vital for overall body health. Older people are more at risks to tooth decay, because of preference for sweeter foods, less dental care and inability to access dental treatment. A trusted, experienced and reliable dentist is your best friend to achieve good oral health, to help you address dental issues including tooth decay and gum disease as you age. What are the effective ways to maintain good dental health? Allow us to share several ways which are effective in protecting your teeth and gums against damage and diseases. We all now the benefits of regularly brushing and flossing our teeth, so let us tackle deeper topics such as choosing the best denture adhesive. Denture adhesives are materials such as powders, pastes or adhesive pads, which adhere or bonds dentures inside the mouth. Why is it necessary to apply denture adhesives? It is necessary to use dental adhesive for bonding or sticking denture to the gums, to prevent wobbling, slippage, enhancing speech and function, as well as food impaction, because our facial bone shrinks with time, and loss of teeth makes difficult for dentures to fit well. If you prefer a natural denture adhesive, there is a brand that uses woven cloth type with natural oil, for a feeling of natural bond for your denture. There are many brands that come in paste type in tubes with small nozzles, for easy application, without applying generous amount when fitting your denture. There are also denture adhesives with artifical flavoring or color, and others with antibacterial and antifungal properties. To hold dentures firmly for a longer period of time, waterproof denture adhesives are now available to prevent adhesives from being washed away from running water just after a meal. Some manufacturing instructions are unclear about the amount of denture adhesive that must be used, so contacting a dental health professional to specify the correct amount si the best thing to do. As people age, tooth decay becomes more apparent, but this can be prevented by brushing your teeth at least twice a day, decreasing the consumption of sweet or sugary foods, avoiding food grazing, frequent rinsing of water for diluting acid and sugar against you teeth all day long, and applying fluoride toothpaste as a tooth ointment. Aging people have periodontal or gum disease caused by bacteria in the plaques, irritating the gums, making them swollen, red and easily bleed. If left untreated, it can lead to advanced gum disease destroying the gums, bones, and ligaments and eventually teeth loss, but this can be prevented through regular dental visits.Study: My Understanding of Services

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