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Facts on Chiropractic Care

It is a known fact that therapeutic manipulation of the spine is a practice that has been in existence for at least two and a half millenniums but chiropractic care has a been in existence for a couple of centuries, but its popularity has grown beyond national borders and has gained a global acceptance as a very effective form of medical care. An amazing fact to note is that it has been scientifically shown that chiropractic care has very high patient satisfaction levels and when compared to conventional healthcare it has been demonstrated to be safer and more financially feasible and this may have led to its inclusion in medical insurance covers because most people enjoy it and it has even been offered to people serving in the military.

The practice of chiropractic care has been noted to be very helpful to torture and trauma survivors because it helps to alleviate the effects of trauma and torture such as pain and depression and studies have shown that some types of alternative and complementary medicines such as massages, meditation, chiropractic and acupuncture are effective if used as part of a combined approach for treating survivors if trauma and torture. Chiropractic is famous all over the world despite having its origins in America in 1895 but history shows that even before then spinal manipulation had been used for a long time in China. Chiropractic practice began in America then in the 1960s it spread to New Zealand, Canada and South Africa after which it has been recently introduced in Asia, Latin America and Australia so much that 15% of all adults in Australia have consulted a chiropractor and close to two-fifths of the elderly population rely on alternative and complementary medicine like chiropractic.

Chiropractors are keen on the hygiene of their tables due to a large number of people that come for chiropractic care and they need to be cautious so that the tables do not become a hotbed of pathogens that will make their patients sick and lead to them contracting new diseases that they did not come with. In a research paper done on chiropractors about their cleanliness found out that most chiropractors were very proactive when it came to disinfection and they used a paper sheet on their table headpieces, which was an effective barrier against the spread of pathogens.

People that belong to the Amish community are known for rejecting many modern conveniences that most people enjoy, but due to their habits of embracing a natural, robust approach to maintaining their health, they have accepted the use of alternative and complementary medicine.