Practical Information for Parents of Young Children

Preparing for baby involves research, classes, doctor visits, buying furniture and clothes, and planning. Parents talk to each other about ideas for raising the child, discuss hopes and dreams, and may ask the advice of family members. Solicited or not, they will also be getting free advice from anyone who has had a child, as well as from those who have no children. Months are spent reading books, learning everything possible, and trying to anticipate every need for when baby comes home. Soon to be parents are feeling confident, a little nervous, and very hopeful.

After the first few days of bringing baby home reality sets in and parents are completely overwhelmed. The books were written a few years ago, classes were general in nature, and advice was glossed over by hears of warm and distant memories. Mom and Dad are tired, feeling completely unprepared, and cannot figure out how to find time to cook a decent meal or get any sleep. There is help a few clicks away. Sites on the internet are dedicated to baby and parents. Like everything else online, the trick is to find the right one. Some promote traditional thinking, others are slanted to one view or another, while others require a subscription.

Finding a site that combines what new parents are taught in classes with practical information for everyday parenting is the key to getting help that makes sense. A variety of categories to direct parents to the information they need the most, for example, will help them with the situation they are encountering today. Baby products, health and nutrition, parenting, milestones, and events are a few category examples found on modern sites, such as The site is operated by parents with various occupations, levels of degrees, and interests. Users can participate in interactive discussions, suggest topics, discuss challenges with writers and each other, and view a myriad of posts, articles, and guides. Search the internet for a site that provides real advice, includes up to date information, and does not charge people for using it. Parents need all the help, guidance, and reassurance they can get to know they are not alone, and there are tips, activities, and skills they can master.